Chamber Music for Children: Final Concert

Chamber Music for Children: Final Concert

Illustration: Jil Wiesner

Chamber Music for Children: Final Concert

Sun 21. Apr 2024 11.15 Kleine Tonhalle
Sun 21. Apr 2024 14.15 Kleine Tonhalle
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich
Margarita Balanas Conductor
Sabine Bierich Moderation, Dramaturgie
Anna Nauer Ausstattung
Was denkst du, Ozean? – Abschlusskonzert
Viel Meer Alle Instrumentengruppen treffen sich
Musik von Daniel Hess
Prices CHF 35 / Kinder bis 12 Jahre: CHF 10
Organizer Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich AG
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stiftung Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren

In the Zurich community centres, the series "What do you think, ocean?" focused on individual instrument groups: percussion, string, plucked, wind and keyboard instruments. If you couldn't experience these chamber music concerts: no problem. Because in the final concert in the Kleine Tonhalle, all the instruments come together to form a chamber orchestra.

We dive with you into the colourful world of the ocean, meet puffer fish, sea cucumbers, corals and many other exciting sea creatures. Together we will be carried by waves, chase away a shark that wants to plunder a puffer fish nest, feel the cold at the North Pole, and join forces with the fish. A unique underwater experience awaits you with musicians from the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich.

From 4 years

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