Golda Schultz (Foto: Vittorio Greco)
In focus 2024/25

Golda Schultz

Soprano / * 1983 Cape Town, South Africa

Golda Schultz originally wanted to become a journalist. But instead of writing her thesis, she analysed scores. Even today, the sought-after soprano prefers to study music and figures rather than practise.

Who is she? Discover her in the following questionnaire! It is based on the legendary templates created by Marcel Proust and Max Frisch. These combine important and supposedly unimportant questions in a playful way, thus providing insights into the interviewee’s personality. We have supplemented a selection of Proust’s and Frisch’s questions with inquiries about music.


Where would you like to live?

South Africa.

What mistakes are you most willing to forgive?

Forgetting my birthday.

Your favourite novel protagonist?

Anne Elliot – «Persuasion»; Elphaba – «Wicked».

Your favourite character in history?

Helen Keller, Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela.

Your favourite designer/artist?

Georges Seurat, Mark Rothko, Claude Monet.

Your favourite character trait?

My resilience.

Your favourite flower?


What natural gift would you like to have?

The ability to control water.

Would you like to have an absolute memory?


How old would you like to be?

The ability to be this age right now is a gift. Wanting to be younger denies the life I have lived, wanting to be older means I jump over the adventure ahead. I am exactly where I need to be.

Do you like travelling?


What do you do when you are travelling?

I like to rest at the beach, walk in nature, explore a new city, enjoy the food and drinks of a region.

Let's talk about music. Do you like to practise?

Not really. But I like to study music and characters.

Your key classical work?

I am not particular. But not too many sharps or flats. Four of either is enough!

How would you describe your instrument?


How important is applause for you?

It is part of the experience. It is the way an audience lets you know they were moved by the work and effort you put out. But it isn’t the way I judge if I have done a good job.

Do you have a ritual before a concert?

It really depends on the situation. Some shows and performances need more help than others. Most of the time I try to focus on just being present in my body, and calm in my mind and spirit.

What do you appreciate about conductors or orchestras?

The ability to truly collaborate. Coming together with respect to make music and share our understandings with each other and eventually an audience.

If you were to create a questionnaire, what question would it contain?

If you could be an animal what would you be?

And what would your answer be?

A tiger. But not for the reason you may think!


Experience Golda Schultz in the following concerts.

September 2024
Wed 25. Sep

Paavo Järvi & Golda Schultz

Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Paavo Järvi Music Director, Golda Schultz Sopran Webern, Strauss, Bruckner
Thu 26. Sep


Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Paavo Järvi Music Director, Golda Schultz Sopran, Tanya König Moderation Webern, Strauss
Fri 27. Sep

Paavo Järvi & Golda Schultz

Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Paavo Järvi Music Director, Golda Schultz Sopran Webern, Strauss, Bruckner
Sun 29. Sep

Cosmos Chamber Music: Golda Schultz

Musiker*innen des Tonhalle-Orchesters Zürich, Golda Schultz Sopran Clara Schumann / Aribert Reimann, Brahms, Costello
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