Elliot Murphy wins the 11th International Film Music Competition. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
11. International Film Music Competition

And The Winner Is – Elliot Murphy!

His soundtrack for the animated film «Au revoir Jérome!» convinced the jury.

One short film, three soundtracks: this year, the International Film Music Competition again relied on the now tried and tested formula. After the three scores were performed by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich under Frank Strobel, the jury chose the Irishman Elliot Murphy as the winner. «His music gives the film an additional, very individual identity without stifling the film»: this was how jury president and Oscar winner Volker Bertelmann explained the decision. He then mentioned numerous details of the score that the jury had liked - such as the way a telephone ringing is transferred to the orchestra in the film.

Elliot Murphy's soundtrack was the jury's favourite. Photo: Gaetan Bally
The international film music competition is taking place in Zurich for the eleventh time. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
The director Gabrielle Selnet and the finalists Carl Falkenau, Cian McCarthy and Elliot Murphy. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Elliot Murphy with jury members Sophie Linnenbaum and Volker Bertelmann (from left). (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Sandra Studer interviews Elliot Murphy, the jury is happy (from right: Mark Bächle, Gabrielle Selnet, Frank Strobel, Volker Bertelmann, Sophie Linnenbaum). (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)

Following the competition, jury president Volker Bertelmann himself was also honoured – with the Career Achievement Award of the Zurich Film Festival. He created his most successful film music for Edward Berger's «All Quiet on the Western Front», which celebrated its European premiere at last year's ZFF. The anti-war film won four Oscars, including one for best film music. «The minimalist 3-tone motif literally wafts over Edward Berger's battlefields. And as it makes its way, deep under our skin, it awakens this profound feeling of undefined melancholy,» said Christian Jungen, the ZFF's Artistic Director, in his laudatory speech.

A second focus of the concert programme was on the Swiss and New York-based film music composer Mark Bächle: he was presented with excerpts from three soundtracks as part of the Suisa Act.

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Volker Bertelmann receives the Career Achievement Award from Christian Jungen, Artistic Director of the ZFF. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Volker Bertelmann received an Oscar for the soundtrack of "Nothing New in the West". (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Suisa Act Mark Bächle was also celebrated for his film music. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Excerpt from "The White Hell of Piz Palü", which will be shown in full in February 2024. (Photo: Gaëtan Bally)
Das Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich unter der Leitung von Frank Strobel (Foto: Gaëtan Bally)
September 2023
Sat 30. Sep

International Film Music Competition

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published: 01.10.2023